Your questions, answered.

First, pick your personal stylist, who will review your quiz results to better understand who you are and what you like.

Based on your style and personality, we'll create a personalized style board with outfit suggestions. Your style boards will be sent via our built-in chat within 24 hours for review. If you like the looks we've sent you, click on the links in your style board and buy the pieces you love right away!

If something doesn't quite feel like you – no worries. Just let your stylist know, and they'll adjust your style board based on your feedback.

To elevate your fashion experience, book a real-time video consultation with your stylist for wardrobe perfection. Or opt for a complete style makeover with interactive video calls, seamless browsing, cart additions, and instant notifications, all tailored just for you.

Absolutely! We&'ve made this really easy to do - you just need a phone or a computer. You can fill out the questionnaire directly from your preferred device, but for a better consultation experience, we suggest you use your computer. If anything still bothers you, don't hesitate to reach us at support@upfit.ai

In terms of seasons, we're limited by what's available in the stores, so we predominantly shop for the current season. However, there are some key cross-season pieces such as denim, lightweight knits and jackets, that are available year round. While our stylist can't source for 2 different seasons at the same time, they can include a few transitional pieces to carry you through.

We know that plans can get out of hand sometimes, so if there's anything you'd like to change with your booking just email us at support@upfit.ai